About Charly Iten - Master Sommelier of Switzerland

Charly Iten, a proven expert on Japan, has been involved with Japanese art and culture for decades.
He already came into contact with sake during his first trip to Japan more than 20 years ago when he was given the opportunity to visit a brewery.

The experience was so inspiring that from then on he dedicated himself to the subject of sake, not only tasting products available to him at every opportunity, but also beginning to absorb everything about the history, production and cultural significance of this drink.

Over many years, this led to a connoisseurship which he finally steered into a new, professional path by starting training as a sake sommelier.
In the summer of 2017, he passed the examination for Certified Sake Sommelier with distinction at the SSA (Sake Sommelier Association) and at the same time began working as a sake retailer.
In the spring of 2018 he was honoured to serve as an official jury member at the London Sake Challenge, Europe’s oldest sake competition.

The next step came in November 2018, when he and only seven other people in the world successfully passed the highly demanding Master Sake Sommelier examinations in London.

This makes him the first Master Sake Sommelier in Switzerland and since last year also Approved Course Provider SSA.

14th of September 2020, from 6 p.m. in Sens Asia by Yama

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