Vitznauerhof is more than just a hotel. It would be our pleasure to host your special event, organize a celebration for all the senses and treat you to a decadence of culinary delights.


Since autumn 2021,  Subspirit will enable you to dive into the depths of Lake Lucerne all year round in a submarine. The underwater world has always captured people’s imagination. Wrecks of sunken ships, aircraft and cars exert a very special fascination.
With experienced pilots you glide silently down into the darkness of up to 100 metres depth.
Look forward to the feeling of weightlessness and experience moments of excitement as you view various sights up close.



Total relaxation! Exactly as it should be. Visit our excellent spa area and escape into a world of absolute serenity. Allow yourself to embrace the moment and experience complete peace of mind.


If you long to be outdoors in the fresh air then you are in the right spot. Our attractive water sport activities and hiking paths will leave you wanting more.