Restaurant Sens

At the Vitznauerhof, the internationally renowned chef Jeroen Achtien, commands the kitchen. The Dutch star chef is notorious for his experimental style and knows no boarders when it comes to combining unique ingredients with mouthwatering flavors. The innovative super talent has among other things devoted himself to the fermentation process which he uses in his kitchen to create unusual culinary delights.

Banquet of Hoshena

New pop-up restaurant at Vitznauerhof. The Hoshena Banquet is an innovative concept that is an illusionary feast for the senses. The guests are led into an imaginary country, in which personal and personal have become narrow and kings & queens, fairies and volcanoes live on the table

Panorama terrace Restaurant Inspiration

Whether a refreshing summer aperitif, a delectable dinner or a sweet temptation, on our extraordinary panorama terrace it just tastes better! The fresh air and view of the most beautiful lake in Switzerland will make your stay at Vitznauerhof unforgettable.