Baby- & Children Massage

Warmly protected we massage and move your child, individually tailored to his needs. Adapted to age, the treatment is focused on the arms and legs as well as on the abdomen and back.

Massage – 20 minutes (to 8 years) CHF 48

Massage – 25 minutes (to 12 years) CHF 60

Massage incl. introduction to learning for parents 45 min. CHF 98

For our little ones


Children enjoy and love this extremely soothing adventure.

Made of 100% natural substances, ear candles have a calming effect, your child immediately releases the tension. The pressure between the inner and outer ear as well as pressure in the sinuses (after a journey, with a cold etc.) is regulated in a very gentle and completely painless way.25 min. CHF 65


The private bathing experience with your child (babies up to 3 years).

While floating in our warm Hydroxeur® whirlpool tub, your baby enjoys the feeling of weightlessness in the water – just like in mummy’s tummy. Little children move more safely in the water than on their own legs. Floating strengthens motor skills in a playful way and promotes body and sensory perception. The specially designed neck float is suitable for newborns and toddlers. The special neck collar holds the baby softly and securely and supports the little head. An unforgettable experience for parents and child (without chlorine, without bath additives). 20-40 Min. CHF 95


A light, relieving body sensation with a tailor-made massage for the mummy-to-be. Tailored to your needs, our therapists look after you with special attention and sensitivity. Gentle drainage for decongestion and soothing relaxation can be performed in various lying positions as well as in a sitting position (after the 3rd month). Let us advise you. 40 min.