Therapeutic & Holistic


Back & neck massage or foot reflexology therapy 25 min. / 40 min. CHF74 / 118

Foot reflexology therapy combined with a back & neck massage50 min. CHF 148

Full body massage 50 min. / 75 min.CHF 148 / 215


A deep tissue massage to repair normal muscle tone and re-establish the connection between the muscles and the nervous system. 50 min. CHF 155


The oxygen inhalation relieves the pain and supports the muscle-relaxing massage (40 min.) from neck, back and head. In total 50 min. CHF 195

INL® – ANTI-STRESS-MASSAGE – a healthy back

Developed by Ines Lembcke, our physiotherapist are manifold techniques of head, neck, shoulder area applied across the spine to the iliac crest. Targeted muscles and fascia are treated, the impulses to regulate the autonomic nervous system in the direction of deep relaxation. The back straightens up and the energy flows through the body. For many guests this is the most beautiful massage that they always book. 50 min. CHF 155

. . . NON-PLUS-ULTRA: The Anti-Stress-Massage supplemented with a foot reflexology therapy. 75 min. CHF 225

Wellbeing for body, mind and soul

NOBEL & POWERFUL – massage with a gem silk stamp at choice

Is the search for clarity and decision a theme?Do you feel trapped in everyday stress?

The gemstones suitably selected for you wrapped in silk cloth will enhance your senses, ground and energize you, and let you breathe deeply. After the massage with honey oil you will feel inner peace and serenity. We will give you the gemstones, which are wonderful for energizing the drinking water in a jug, as a gift. 50 minutes CHF 155


The specialised and very effective Midsection-Detox-Treatment with its gentle drainage massage is aimed at relieving the abdominal region. The combination of a detoxifying liver rap with black pepper and fine fragrant honey oil has a regulating and tissue firming effect. Blockades are reliesed and a chakra balance lets the energy flow again. During the liver rap you will have a had and neck massage to make you feel light and refreshed 50 min. CHF 155

DETOX ZEOLITH -Zeolite body detox with lymphatic drainage and liver wrap

Zeolite is of vulcanic origin and possessist the ability for highly selective absorbtion, thus boosting natural detoxification. This mineral is enriched with crystal salt, mountain honey, yarrow, coriander, black pepper and grapefruit. The effect and scent of the foot and liver pads have a real detoxiyfing effect on our metabolism as well senses. 50 min. CHF 155


A specialised very light drainage of the tissues in the lymph system activates lymphatic drainage, decongests the tissues and relaxes (the body). Fresh blood plasma can regenerate body tissue, soothing the vegetative nervous system. We recommend drainage for various symptoms (primary and secondary lymphedema, strain trauma, pulled muscles, sprains), as well as promoting healing after operations, migraines or other neuro-vegetative syndromes. 50 or 75 min. CHF 155 / 225

Inner Balance

LOMI LOMI NUI – . . .dancing with the sea

Warm oil envelopes your body and you feel weightless. The intuitive massage with underarms and loving hands sways and stretches you with its tender pressure and works deep into the tissues. This cleansing massage ritual releases stressful blockages in the body. You will feel reassurance from depressive moods, an improvement in the quality of sleep and inner calmness. 75 / 90 min. CHF 235 / 27


A light, relieving body sensation with a tailor-made massage for the mummy-to-be. Tailored to your needs, our therapists look after you with special attention and sensitivity. Gentle drainage for decongestion and soothing relaxation can be performed in various lying positions as well as in a sitting position (after the 3rd month). Let us advise you. 40 min. CHF 118