Boost the immune system

oxygen inhalation LOUNGE

Breath power is life power. Oxygen plays an important role in the biological ageing process. An undersupply leads to fatal effects on our health. We recommend oxygen as a demonstrably successful health precaution. Inhalation with an oxygen concentration 4 times higher than in the air you breathe helps you to become fit again immediately, to cope with stress more easily and to mobilise inner reserves of strength. There are no side effects or contraindications.

Inhalation with 90 % power oxygen 50 min.

1 inhalation CHF 68 (for acute problems)

3 inhalations CHF 195 (intensive course set)

6 inhalations CHF 350 (for long-term effect)


Strengthening lung function
Combating stress & overwork syndromes
Mental strength
Increasing energy metabolism in the brain
Increasing mental and physical performance
Activation of the body’s own immune power
Strong regeneration & healing power Long Covid etc.


Respiratory weakness, more toxins & environmental toxins in the body.
Overload mentally & physically
Mental weakness & susceptibility to depression
Chronic fatigue
Decline in mental & physical performance
Susceptibility to flu & infectious diseases
Weakening of the metabolism
Continuous loss of vitality

Organ Biofeedback


During a body scan you reveal your vitality & energy killers and can use your own resources in a more specific way. In a body scan for all those who are concerned about their health and are interested in active preventative measures. The so-called “killer” of energy and vitality is revealed, and you can utilise your own resources in a more targeted manner. You will discover sensory ex-perience “off-line” and can use this constructively. Since balance is not static it can be restored time and again.

system one® – What blood levels can reveal. Fascinating and convincing CHF 150

In only 120 seconds the sensor painlessly and non-invasively (without blood samples) can measure more than 250 vital signs. The results are comparable to laboratory measurements and reveal detailed and complex insights into the current state of your health as well as the body’s organ and metabolic functions.


Blood lipids, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, insulin values, sugar metabolism, connective tissues, skin and allergies, cardio and cerebrovascular systems, functions of the stomach, bowel, liver/gall gladder, kidneys, lungs, thyroid gland, heavy metals, toxins, endocrine system (hormones).

Body scan incl. coaching & interpretation of the scan profile.

Power for bones & joints

LET’S SWING to get a centered posture

The functional principle of OSFLOW® BODY SWING is a centring oscillation platform that creates an optimal alignment of the biomechanical skeletal system. A novelty in the wellness market, developed from principles of natural movement and the internal martial art form of Taijiquan.

One of the proven strong points is in connection with so-called “bone pressure”. This is indicated by pulsation in the piezo-electric field in the bones. The oscillation platform gently centres your natural posture and helps relieve tension right through to deeper tissues.


· Centres and stabilises the spine
· Strengthens bones and joints and overall strength
· Increases balance, stability and coordination.
· Prevents falls
· Reduces pain (back, neck, legs and joints)
· Relieves nerves, beneficially, impacts blood and lymph circulation


OSFLOW® – Body swing plus massage

Oscillation of ankle, knee. hip, shoulders and the whole length of the spine. The pelvis is straightened, sacrum and tailbone drop down. The body swing is accompanied by a body massage ..50 min. CHF 148