Feel good & enjoy

DON & DONNA – Romantic bathing pleasure with massage – 1h 15 min. CHF 350

The atmospheric ambience created by soft coloured lights and aroma compositions from our fragrance collection guarantee a plunge into a dream world.

·1 Dream bath for two in our hydroxeur whirlpool tub with microfine underwater massage 40 min

·1 Body massage p.p 50 min.

BABY FLOATING – The private bathing experience with your child (babies up to 3 years) – 20-40 Min. CHF 95

While floating in our warm Hydroxeur® whirlpool tub, your baby enjoys the feeling of weightlessness in the water – just like in mummy’s tummy. Little children move more safely in the water than on their own legs. Floating strengthens motor skills in a playful way and promotes body and sensory perception. The specially designed neck float is suitable for newborns and toddlers. The special neck collar holds the baby softly and securely and supports the little head. An unforgettable experience for parents and child (without chlorine, without bath additives).

MENTAL VITAL – 2 hours CHF 215

·1 Power oxygen-inhalation 50 min. you feel immediately your increased energy

·1 Anti-stress-massage – back in top form 50 min.

BODY VITAL – 1.5 hours CHF 215

·Osflow body treatment 25 min.

·1 full body massage 75 min.relieves tension in deep muscle layers

Me time

DE-STRESS – 2 hours CHF 215

·1 Osflow Body Swing immediately relieves & centers the spine, improves blood & lymph flow

·1 Oxygen-power-inhalation combats stress, overwork syndromes and improves concentration

· 1 Full body massage with honey oil and massage with a gemston silk stamp relieves stress – a wonderful feeling of calm and serenity.

DE-TOX by Dr. Niedermaier  –  for healthy liver function, fat metabolism & nervous system –  2.0 h CHF 365

Body & face peeling with crystal salt, lavender & rosemary boosts cell activity 50 min. incl. detox drink

Zeolith-Pads for liver and feets binds pollutants and supports the detox process

Drainage massage 50 min. for face & body decongests and regenerates the body tissue – incl. detox drink

1 REGULATPRO DTX cure set of Dr. Niedermaier (home care) to reduce ammonium & heavy metals in the colon area (value of the Set CHF 85)